Keeping Prestige Club members and employees safe is one of our top priorities. Membership applications require an accurate first name, last name, date of birth and an upload of a valid government issued driver's license or state id. We perform a background check when a person submits a new membership application or when they submit a renewal application.

How they work and what they tell

  1. We submit the above information to one of our approved background check providers 
  2. They check the person’s identity against public records or available databases, as outlined below:

For everyone who submits an application to become a member: 

  1. We check the OFAC LIST which includes terrorist designations.
  2. We check certain databases of public state and county criminal records as well as state and national sex offender registries. 

How do the results of BACKGROUND CHECKS and review of PUBLIC RECORDS affect your ability to become a Prestige Club Member, Renew your Prestige Club Membership or maintain your Prestige Club Membership. 

 DENIAL OR REVOKATION depends on the severity of the criminal history:

       Lesser crimes like disorderly conduct or marijuana possession are not REASON FOR DENIAL OR REVOKATION

       More serious offenses that generally render someone ineligible for membership without a successful appeal include:

       Firearms charges (UUW)

       Domestic Battery

       Aggravated Assault

       Property Damage

       Most Felony Offenses render someone ineligible for membership regardless of any other factors and include:

       Felony Burglary

       Felony Larceny


       Sexual Violence and Exploitation 

       Human Trafficking 

       Hate crimes 




       Child Molestation

We understand that there are many factors that could lead someone to have a criminal record. That’s why we have a rigorous, evidence-based approach to assess whether someone can be a member of Prestige Club, even if they have a criminal history.

Criteria for membership if a person has a criminal history

The primary factors include:

  1. The individual’s age at the time of conviction
  2. Number of prior convictions
  3. Time since last conviction

We also consider other factors correlated with a reduced risk of future criminal conduct, such as employment and other factors that show evidence of rehabilitation and desistance. Our nuanced, personalized approach is based on extensive research, including “time to redemption” studies and other literature identifying individual factors associated with reduced risk. 


If you receive a denial of membership or a revocation of membership, and you’d like to appeal it, contact our Member Services Team by calling or texting 608-234-7695. You can also email

Our team of specialists will then review and assess your eligibility for membership in the future.