Preventative Actions We are Taking to Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

•  Prestige Club Escapes is one of the first hotel brands in the US to implement the application of hospital grade disinfectants using VICTORY electrostatic sprayer technology.  This unique and comprehensive application process has traditionally been used in hospital settings and is the most efficient and effective way to disinfect hotel rooms and suites from COVID-19 as well as 99.99% of all novel viruses.  When combined with additional extensive cleaning and disinfecting procedures, we are confident that our rooms and suites are cleaned and disinfected to the highest of standards.

Find out more about our electrostatic spray technology here.
•  Our staff is using disinfectant cleaning products that have been registered by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging viral pathogens including COVID-19.
• Disinfectants are applied per strict guidelines when cleaning guestrooms and public space to ensure that the disinfection process is effective.

• Laundering linens and towels with disinfecting detergents at extremely high temperatures ensure that laundered items are cleaned and sanitized.
• All public spaces and “high-touch” areas and items including, but not limited to the lobby area, front desk, guest corridors, ice and vending areas, lobby furniture, all door hardware, pens at the front desk and guestroom keys are cleaned frequently using electrostatic sprayer technology. This extensive cleaning process is documented on checklists that are maintained at the property. This cleaning process continues throughout the day.
• Social distancing actions are taken to restrict when and where people can gather. Social distancing actions include limiting number of guests in the lobby as well as easily identified check-in and waiting stations.  Acrylic barrier guards have been installed at the front desk of all locations to minimize the risk of transmission.
Preventative Actions Taken to Protect and Assist Our Employees

• Rooms are stripped and sanitized using electrostatic disinfection processes prior to housekeeping entering guestrooms.

• All employees take their temperature at the start of their workday. Employees that have a temperature in excess of 100.3 are not allowed to clean guestrooms or come in contact with other employees, members or guests. .

• We continue to train housekeeping staff to use cleaning supplies and disinfectants safely and correctly. Staff members wear gloves when cleaning and handling linens.  We follow manufacturer's instructions for proper use of chemicals to ensure that chemicals are effective against the spread of COVID-19.
• Routine cleaning and disinfection using electrostatic technology of all contact surfaces in public areas and guestrooms including, but limited to: television remote controls, toilet flush handles, door handles, water faucet handles, flooring and all other areas that our guests would commonly come in contact with.
• We continue to train hotel staff and post signage to remind employees to wash hands with soap and warm water frequently, for at least 20 seconds each time.  We provide handwashing stations with adequate soap, warm water and hand washing instructions.  We have strict policies regarding when and how often hands are washed and the proper application of disposable gloves.  Hand washing takes place at the following intervals: start of every shift, at the beginning of the cleaning of every guestroom (just before applying gloves), upon removing and disposing of gloves, at the start of every break, at the end of every break, when moving from a department to a different department, at the end of a shift and at any time when a period of time has lapsed that is greater than 60 minutes since the last time staff has washed their hands.

• Staff has been trained on the practice of "social distancing" by maintaining a distance at least six feet away from guests and other coworkers.  We have implemented a strict “one staff member to a room” policy that restricts more than one staff member from being in a guestroom at the same time.  We have altered our break rooms so that staff members can take breaks at individual tables that are greater than 6’ apart.  We have postage signage throughout the back-office work spaces reminding staff members to practice social distancing and have placed measurements on walls showing staff members what 6’ looks like. Management continues to train and remind staff members of the importance of social distancing in the workplace.  We call this our “16” rule.  1 employee to a room at a time and 6’ between employees at all times.

• We have created a room service delivery method that maintains social distancing.  Items delivered to guestrooms are placed on mobile carts or trays and placed outside of the guestrooms.  Staff members knock on the guestroom door and then distance themselves a minimum of 6’ from the guestroom door.  Communication between the guest and staff member takes place with a minimum of 6’ between the staff member and the guest.  At no time is a staff member allowed to enter a guestroom while a guest is in the room.

• All housekeeping staff wear face masks for use during their shift.  We have also trained all staff members on the application of face masks and the importance of not touching your face.  Staff members that interact with guests or other staff members that are not able to maintain a 6’ distance or have a barrier shield between them and the person they are communicating with are required to wear a face mask.

• We have enacted an “appreciation bonus program” that rewards employees with a bonus that follow the policies and procedures that we have put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as the policies that have been enacted by the State of IL Govenor’s office and the City of Chicago.  Bonuses will be paid through the end of May.

• We have enacted a “How Can We Help” program that gives employees the opportunity to request zero interest loans, modifications in work schedules or any other accommodation that can help them get through this difficult time period.
These practices, combined with the fact that Prestige Club Escape properties do not allow more than 2 guests per room at any time ensure that we are doing everything in our power to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our employee and guests.

We will continue to monitor guidelines established by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago and all other municipalities and agencies that provide information regarding actions to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.