On Father's Day at AMBIANCE & AURA, it's all about him. His needs. His wants. His desires. 
Save the tie you bought him for the holidays and give your partner what he really wants for Father's day - a sexy escape to AMBIANCE or AURA. 
Our exciting All About Him Father's Day Package has everything you need to show your special someone appreciation in way that is sure to leave a smile on his face. 
All About Him Father's Day Package Includes...
  • Silver Rose Petals
  • Father's Day Balloon 
  • Massage Lotion for Him
  • Vibrating Ring for Him
  • Black Eyemask
  • ON Power Glide for Him
  • Handi-Pop Edible Gel
Price: $24
Request an All About Him Father's Day package when reserving a room or grab one at check-in. Isn't it about time you gave your special someone what he truly wants for Father's Day?



July Special Coming Soon



August Special Coming Soon